Geotextiles are probably the most commonly used products in our industry with over 100 different styles and types from woven to nonwoven, as well as paving overlay fabrics. We have a complete listing of which geotextile meets the current Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) criteria. Road construction, pavement restoration, subsurface drainage, walls, slopes and embankments are just some of the applications for geotextiles.

Sediment Control & Construction Site BMPsSediment control and construction site Best Management Practices (BMPs) cover a wide range of products, including the simplest types that can sometimes cause the most problems on a project if not used. With the introduction of the Clean Water Act and the new strict enforcement of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), these once forgotten about products now become the first line of defense. We inventory silt fences, turbidity barriers, floc logs and inlet protection to name a few.

Erosion Control

Control of erosion is where it all started for us in 1982 when Ronald H. Moore had an idea to start a company just specializing in erosion control. There were only a few choices of products and even fewer manufacturers dedicated to this business of finding solutions to erosion problems. Now over 30 years later, there are many options and hundreds of manufacturers that are totally dedicated to the erosion control industry. Engineers and project owners can now choose from soft armor to hard armor, vegetated or non vegetated, bioengineering solutions to concrete.

Bioengineering Solutions

Bioengineering is a combination of biological, mechanical, and ecological concepts to control erosion and stabilize soil through the use of vegetation along with construction materials. Planted vegetation controls erosion and serves as good wildlife and fisheries habitat in riparian systems. We stock bioengineering solutions that include jute, coir logs, biodegradable blankets, straw wattles and biodegradable filtration systems.

Subgrade Stabilization & Load Support

Subgrade stabilization and load support covers a wide variety of materials. Choosing the correct system will depend on the types of loads, frequency of traffic and the look you are trying to achieve. Reusable site access matting, geogrids, paving fabrics, geocomposite subsurface drainage systems, Geoweb, Geoblock, geoterra structural mat systems, Flexi-Pave recycled tire porous pavement systems, and drivable grass concrete paving systems are just some of the products that we have available.

Slope Reinforcement & Retaining WallsSlope reinforcement and retaining walls cover a wide range of products from hard armor systems to more environmentally friendly vegetated approaches that meet the regulatory agency’s criteria allowing for construction approval. We carry geogrids, Geoweb, gabions, and earth anchor systems. The various systems that we promote will require engineering help to ensure proper design. R. H. Moore & Associates, Inc., as well as the manufacturers we represent offer this design support to engineering companies at no charge.

Drainage & StormwaterDrainage and stormwater are very important issues when designing projects in Florida. With the rain events that we are accustomed to, properly designing for the amount of stormwater is critical. Whether it is for retention ponds, alleviating hydrostatic conditions, dewatering dredged materials, or for treating the stormwater and reducing the turbidity, we have a variety of products that can help. We offer wall and field drainage composites, EPDM liners, underground stormwater storage systems, reusable water-filled dams, and Geotubes for dewatering dredged materials.


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