TenCate Mirafi G-Series Drainage Composites

TenCate Mirafi® G Series drainage composites have a high flow capacity and compressive strength. These composites are designed for use in drainage applications where hydrostatic pressure is a concern. Mirafi® G Series drainage composites are used in applications, such as retaining walls, chimney drains, landfill closure interceptors, and trench drains.

Impermeable Liners

Geomembranes are synthetic materials that are impervious to substances, mainly liquids when it comes to drainage/containment application. Impermeable liners are made of various materials more commonly with HDPE (high‐density polyethylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). Each type of geomembrane material has different characteristics that should be considered when choosing for a specific water or waste containment usage.


AquaBlok is a proprietary sodium bentonite and calcium carbonate (limestone) derived aggregate that that can be target placed through standing water to stop a leak. Due to its low permeability, structural stability, and ability to self-compact, AquaBlok can be used in a wide range of settings and circumstances – specifically as a means to "blok" the movement of water.

TenCate Geotubes for Dewatering Technology

TenCate Geotubes® dewatering technology has become the dewatering method of choice for many dredgers around the world. Geotubes® are simplistic and low cost. With no belts and gears, the Geotubes® are always dewatering 24 hours a day. When using Geotubes® for dewatering, you can achieve a volume reduction up to as much as 90% with high solid levels that makes removal and disposal easy. Geotubes® can be manufactured in many sizes to meet your project requirements and can even be placed in a rolloff container that can be moved from site to site as needed.

TenCate Geotubes for Dewatering Technology

Federal Stormwater Phase II regulations were enacted to protect waterways from being polluted by runoff from impervious surfaces. Brentwood's StormTank™ stormwater storage modules are a high-void, strong, affordable alternative to crushed stone, concrete structures, or pipe chambers for sub-surface stormwater detention or infiltration basins.

Aqua-Barrier Water-Inflated Dams

Hydrological Solutions Aqua-Barriers® are water-filled dams used to dewater an area for construction. These water-filled dams utilize a patented internal baffle for stability of the system eliminating any chance of rolling. The Aqua-Barriers® are an alternative to traditional coffer dams such as earthen berms and sheet piling. The use of this system drastically cuts down on the amount of turbidity and sediment that is introduced into the body of water when using traditional cofferdams.


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