Hydroseeding is a form of grassing where various ingredients are mixed in a tank and then sprayed onto your slopes. There are a lot of new products and materials that are available for hydroseeding many of which are used to amend our sandy soil conditions, creating a perfect growing environment for seed germination. With the new enhancements in hydroseeding, many engineers specify it instead of sod because it can create a better stand of grass in a more economical way.

North American Green Cotton-Based Hydroseeding MulchesHydraMatriCx Series of mulches are made of a proprietary blend of straw, reclaimed cotton plant material, tackifiers, and polymers. This exciting line of hydroseeding mulches was developed in cooperation with Cotton Incorporated and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The HydraMatriCx line of cotton-based mulches has a natural absorbency which holds moisture and provides excellent seed to soil contact.

North American Green Temporary Erosion Control Blankets

The North American Green temporary erosion control blankets are available in a number of different types, but are typically manufactured out of either straw or coconut fiber or a combination of both. Some of the nettings have a UV accelerator making them degrade very quickly. These temporary blankets can be supplied with a biodegradable netting for natural areas such as wetlands. The North American Green blankets meet FDOT requirements for artificial coverings and are also used to meet the NPDES regulation for covering any open area that will be exposed for 14 days or more.

North American Green Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mattings

North American Green’s complete line of permanent turf reinforcement mattings (TRMs) meets FDOT requirements for plastic erosion mattings. The Vmax³ Composite Turf Reinforcement Series consists of three different types of permanent TRMs, each designed to maximize performance through all three developmental phases of a reinforced vegetative lining. Each Vmax³ product begins with a permanent, three-dimensional corrugated turf reinforcement matting structure incorporated with either natural organic or UV-stabilized synthetic fibers. This specially designed TRM structure anchors and reinforces the roots and stems of vegetation for long-term stability and helps create a shear plane that actually deflects the flowing water away from the soil surface – improving its immediate to long-term erosion control capabilities.

Presto Geosystems Perforated Geoweb

Geoweb is a cellular confinement system constructed of high-density polyethylene. This product was co-invented by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Presto Products. Whether you are designing a channel lining, slope or shoreline protection system, Geoweb is one of the most versatile erosion control products you can choose. The ability to infill the cells with a variety of materials, such as concrete, rock or soil allows you to tailor the Geoweb system to meet most project requirements. By being able to combine infill materials, you can provide a soft armor system above the waterline and a flexible hard armor system below.


The Hydrotex line of fabric-formed concrete is a product widely used on Florida Department of Transportation projects. Hydrotex Fabric Forms are filled in place with fine aggregate concrete delivering the durability and performance of concrete without the costly and difficult installation process of conventionally formed concrete slope pavement. The three most common types of fabric forms are Uniform Section Mat, Filterpoint Mat, and Articulating Block Mat. Hydrotex also offers other varieties of fabric forms such as the Enviromat, Filter Band, and the Hydrocast Bags. These forms are available in several thicknesses ranging from four inches to twelve inches.

IECS Cable Concrete

The IECS Cable Concrete System is an articulating concrete block system that is manufactured as a mattress and then shipped to the jobsite - ready for placement on the slopes. Cable Concrete is a wet cast block system strung together with stainless steel cables. These block mattresses provide articulation capabilities and will conform to the slope as needed. Unlike the dry cast block systems, the Cable Concrete can be manufactured on site for larger projects to save the added expense associated with freight. Wet cast blocks are also the product of choice when designing saltwater applications. These blocks are available in closed cell or open cell to allow for vegetation establishment and come in thicknesses from 2.5-inches to 8.5-inches.

Maccaferri Reno Mattresses

Maccaferri Reno mattresses are stone-filled woven wire mesh rectangular baskets that create a flexible and permeable erosion protection system. These mattresses can be prefilled and placed with a spreader bar for underwater applications or filled in place for projects above the water. The baskets are available in galvanized, Galfan or PVC coated, which is the most common in Florida. These can also be supplied in stainless steel, which add many years to the life span of a system. Maccaferri Reno mattresses are an excellent choice when a hard armor system is required for applications, such as spillways, riverbanks and shoreline protection. These mattresses have the ability to support vegetation through the rock infill for a natural aesthetic look.

Flexamat Concrete Mat Systems

Flexamat is the solution for stopping erosion along canals and waterways. It is an erosion control mat consisting of concrete blocks embedded into a high strength geogrid. The spacing between the blocks allows for optional vegetation growth.

Flexamat Concrete Mat Systems

Concrete Cloth™ is a flexible concrete impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable, water and fire proof concrete layer. Concrete Cloth™ has a number of applications in the civil construction and military sectors including ditch lining, slope stabilization, pipeline protection, roofing, foundation blinding, asbestos containment, water tanks, flood defenses, shotcrete replacement, tunnel lining, building cladding, sandbag reinforcement, gabion reinforcement, expedient resurfacing and dust suppression.

TenCate Geotubes for Shoreline Protection

TenCate Geotubes® for shorelines and embankments are a low-cost alternative to conventional erosion control methods, such as rock rip-rap and steel sheet piling. The Geotube® shoreline and lake embankment systems are meant to be buried and revegetated, making it virtually invisible. Geotubes® can be constructed of either woven or nonwoven geotextiles and are manufactured to the size required to fit the jobsite conditions.



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