Silt Fence

There are different types and grades of silt fence, such as contractor grade, FDOT type 3 fence, type 4 wire-backed silt fence and a preassembled FDOT approved type 4 fence alternative that can be used along with many new and innovative products that may be more economical and effective than standard silt fence.

North American Green SedimentSTOP & Straw Wattles

The SedimentSTOP Biodegradable Filtration System consists of a 70% straw and 30% coconut fiber matrix reinforced with 100% biodegradable netting that is rolled from edge to edge to create a highly-effective, temporary, three-dimensional, sediment-filtration structure.


North American Green Straw Wattles are an effective and economical alternative to silt fence and straw bales for sediment control and stormwater runoff.

Floating & Staked Turbidity Barriers

Floating and staked turbidity barriers are very similar to silt fences as they are available in many different types and grades. These barriers consist of an impermeable vinyl curtain which contains sediment laden stormwater runoff. It is important to choose the correct type and depth when designing to ensure optimum turbidity control.

Applied Polymer Systems Polyacrylamides (PAM)

Silt Stop is a group of soil-specific tailored polyacrylamide co-polymer emulsions for erosion control. They reduce and prevent erosion of fine particles and colloidal clays from the soil into stormwater.

Applied Polymer Systems Floc Logs

Floc Logs are a group of soil-specific tailored log-block that contains blends of water treatment components and polyacrylamide co-polymer for water clarification and erosion control. They reduce and prevent erosion of fine particles and colloidal clays from water.


Turbid water during construction and earthmoving operations can create many challenges, delays, and possible fines from regulators. Using polymers is now a standard practice with Water Management Districts, US Army Corps of Engineers, FDOT, and FDEP all recognizing their necessity.


The Link Manifold system is one of the easiest and more compact ways to introduce the correct polymer to treat turbid water. The key elements to an efficient system are turbulent water flows to aid in mixing, proper dosage of polymers to volume of water being pumped, and making sure the proper amount of reaction time is achieved. The Link Manifold system takes much of the guess work out of the system.


Discharging dirty water from construction sites can lead to costly fines or even delays. Measuring turbidity is the first step to compliance. Avoiding turbidity issues can be simple with the use of a meter.

IAS Water Quality Skimmers

IAS Water Quality Skimmers are floating devices for erosion and sediment control applications, which release/drain the downstream surface water slowly from ponds, sediment traps or basins at a controlled flow rate.

Dewatering Bags

Dewatering bags are fabricated from a geotextile and are designed to control sediment discharge in dewatering applications where water is being pumped.

Curb Inlet Protection

Curb inlet filters are designed to be placed in front of a curb inlet or opening to prevent the migration of silt into the storm drain system.

Drop Inlet Protection

Storm drain inlet protection prevents sediment from entering a storm drain system. Inlet protection can be achieved by the use of filters or impounding an area around or upstream of an inlet to allow sediment to settle.

Sand, Sand-Cement & Rock Bags

Sand bags, sand-cement, and rock bags are relatively simple products used on almost every construction project in Florida. These bags are available in a wide variety of types and sizes from polypropylene to natural burlap material, both FDOT approved and commercial grade bags.

Sand, Sand-Cement & Rock Bags

Outpak Concrete Washout® units are designed to be a portable solution for harmful industrial concrete sediment, paint, drywall mud, stucco, and mortar. With the use of Outpak Concrete Washouts, your job site will be organized, eco-friendly, and BMP compliant to avoid costly fines. They are designed for a simple and quick set-up in minutes and can remain for the duration of the project. Outpak Concrete Washout is compatible for mixers, pump trucks, and wheelbarrows.


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