AGES Mud Mats

AGES Mud Mats are reusable mats that allow you to drive through muddy and swampy conditions without getting stuck. Each mat is made up of a double layer of high strength woven geotextile that is stitched in such a way to encapsulate the reinforcing members. These mats can be used for construction entrances and in temporary applications where you want to protect the grass.

TenCate Mirafi BXG Geosynthetics

TenCate BXG geosynthetics offer engineers alternatives to the traditional methods of road building. This wide variety of geosynthetics usually cost significantly less than conventional road construction products. TenCate geotextiles and geogrids have a proven history in road construction providing separation, confinement, reinforcement, filtration and drainage. The engineers on staff at TenCate will work with you helping to choose the right product for your application.

TenCate Mirafi MPV, PGM-G, and PGM-G4 Paving Fabrics

Cracked pavement allows surface water to permeate into the soil, which saturates and weakens the subgrade. TenCate Mirafi MPV, PGM-G, and PGM-G4 paving fabrics and grids are excellent choices when resurfacing existing asphalt roads. These paving geosynthetics provide a waterproof barrier, improve the fatigue resistance, and extend the useful life of the overlay by strengthening the entire pavement section.

Presto Geosystems Geoweb for Load Support

Presto Geoweb cellular confinement system provides excellent load support options for grass parking areas, gravel-filled access roads, and fire lanes. The three dimensional cellular structure of the Geoweb system confines infill materials by restricting lateral and vertical movement of the infill material to control shear.

Presto GeoPave

Presto GeoPave™ is a porous pavement block system specifically designed for rock infill. These semi rigid blocks are made from recycled materials and are connected using a patented U-Clip design making the entire system integral. GeoPave™ being two-inches thick reduces the amount of rock to be used, over that of traditional cross sections. Its unique herring bone, flexible, and lightweight design was manufactured specifically for rock-filled application and will not buckle and contort like traditional HDPE porous paver blocks. With infill, the system performs to an H-20 loading.

Presto Geosystems Geoblock & Geoblock2

Presto Geoblock® and Geoblock®5150 are porous pavement systems with low environmental impact offering numerous environmental advantages over hard surface pavements. The Geoblock® systems are supplied in HDPE units that connect to the adjacent unit through interlocking tabs. The Geoblock® and Geoblock®5150 systems can be used on applications, such as pedestrian trails, walkways, emergency access lanes and over flow parking.

Presto GeoTerra

Presto GeoTerra™ is a durable, portable and reusable structural mat system. Its structural mat system is ideal as a ground-surface reinforcement layer to support loads over soft subgrades. The GeoTerra™ system is excellent to replace the wooden crane mats that were used in the past. It is lightweight, easy to handle, and requires less labor for a given area. Applications for the GeoTerra™ are oil drilling platforms, construction site access, utility line access, helipads, and emergency site access.

Presto GeoRunner

Presto GeoRunner® surface protection mats are portable, economical and drivable construction mats that every contractor will want. The lightweight (8 lbs), easy-to-handle size makes them ideally suited for transporting to construction sites. GeoRunner mats minimize turf damage and soil compaction caused by concentrated light-to-medium loads from pedestrian foot traffic, equipment and vehicles. Contractors prefer the mats over plywood because they can be removed quickly from sites, cleaned, stored and reused numerous times. Excellent for temporary or permanent, lightweight applications, GeoRunner mats are also useful for creating storage surfaces for small trailers, boats, and other items.

Soil Retention Drivable Grass

The Drivable Grass® is a permeable, flexible, and plantable concrete pavement system. Drivable Grass® consists of concrete muffins that are connected by a grid system. Its unique lattice structure allows vegetation to grow through the system while providing a hard durable surface. Drivable Grass® is great for small projects, such as golf cart paths to large projects like parking lots and fire access lanes. The Drivable Grass® system is an excellent choice for the design engineer that wants a more durable system while still desiring a permeable grass surface.

KBI Flexi®-Pave

KBI Flexi®-Pave is an effective porous paving alternative to traditional concrete or asphalt, providing a superior solution to other porous alternatives. KBI Flexi®-Pave uses three parts; wire-free recycled tire granules, rock aggregate and KBI's proprietary binding agent. It is a LEED certified, ADA compliant construction material with multiple uses that solves a variety of common infrastructure problems.


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