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Coir Logs & Mattings

Coir Logs

Properly installed coir rolls (logs) provide initial structural stability for the shoreline by resisting wave action and flow velocity. These coir logs provide excellent substrate for plant growth. Coir logs are constructed of interwoven coconut fibers that are bound together with biodegradable netting. Commercially produced coir logs come in various lengths and diameters.

Applications for coir logs occur in many streambank, wetland, and upland environments. The log provides temporary physical protection to a site while vegetation becomes established and biological protection takes over. The logs can provide a substrate for plant growth once the log decay process starts and protects native and newly installed plants growing adjacent to the log. This technique can be used as a transition from one revegetation technique to another and used to secure the toe of a slope in low velocity areas. Both the upstream and downstream ends of the coir log(s) need to transition smoothly into a stable streambank to reduce the potential for washout.

Coir Mattings

Coir mattings are woven from machine twisted bristle coir twines, the best quality coir fiber. These 100% biodegradable, strong and durable blankets provide high erosion resistance while supporting growth and development of vegetation. These semi-permanent mats have functional field longevity of 4-6 years. The open weave in the mat allows seeding over the mat.


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