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AquaBlok Bentonite / Stone Composite Sealant


AquaBlok®, or PONDSEAL™ as it is known in pond and basin applications, utilizes a dense aggregate (limestone) core to deliver naturally mined bentonite clay to any area where a leak is suspected – even through a standing water column. Due to the extreme low-permeability, considerable weight (density), and robust swelling characteristics of this novel composite particle, each individual "pebble-like" unit swells into adjacent particles to produce a uniform and durable layer, which stops the leak at its source.

Consistent performance coupled with simplified handling and reductions in application labor make AquaBlok a versatile and effective sealant in a broad range of settings and circumstances. Common applications include (but are not limited to): Basin Construction and Rehab; Synthetic Liner Repair/Reinforcement; Dam/Berm/Levee Construction and Rehab; Animal Damage/Burrow Plugging; Earthen Trench Dams/Anti-Seep Collars; Structure Bedding/Installation; Manhole Sealing and Rehab (Infiltration Reduction); Sink Hole Repair; Canal/Ditch Lining; Temporary Dams/Stream Diversion; Well Decommissioning/Sealing, and more.

Now, pond owners and water resource managers alike can benefit from the proven technology behind AquaBlok's respected environmental remediation products. Conventional sodium bentonite is well known for its sealing capability, but AquaBlok's bentonite-coated aggregate product provides a more effective application of this sealing material.

    • AquaBlok (a.k.a. PONDSEAL) is a proprietary sodium bentonite and calcium carbonate (limestone) derived material that is effective for both leak prevention and repair; it can be applied dry (construction phase) or through standing water (repair/rehabilitation phase)
    • AquaBlok takes the form of a natural "stone-shaped particle" and typically ranges in size from approximately 1/4" to 3/8" in diameter (although smaller and larger sizes can be made available for specialized applications)
    • AquaBlok is heavy (85 to 90 lbs./cubic foot) so it literally "sinks like a stone" – allowing for reliable, targeted placement to remedy leaking earthen water basins by application through the water column (without "draw down," i.e. removal of the water)
    • AquaBlok is highly durable and structurally stable. The material heals if disturbed, re-hydrates an infinite number of times (if exposed to repeated drying/flooding cycles), and gains stability from the internal matrix of individual stones
    • AquaBlok is available in 50 lb. bags and/or FBIC "Super Sacks" (by the ton) and can be applied by hand (for very small applications) or with the use of traditional broadcasting equipment


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