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JET Filter Maintainable Weep Hole System

Earth retaining structures are failing daily in all parts of the world due to lack of proper erosion control. The JET FILTER prevents wall failure/movement by relieving water pressure and allowing drainage while saving time and money on extensive repairs.

The purpose of the weep holes is to relieve the hydrostatic (water) pressure that inevitably will be behind the wall. The weep holes should have periodic maintenance performed to ensure that they do not become clogged.

Panel seams which have opened up or toe failure of the wall can be an indicator of unrelieved pressure due to clogged or insufficient weep holes.

The filter media contained in the JET Filter System is the highly rated Mirafi® Filterweave FW300. This media maintains long-term flow rates in high gradient and dynamic conditions.

With its removable cartridge, the filter can be changed and cleaned if needed, from the front side of the earth retaining structure without dredging from behind in order to replace the erosion control fabric.

    • Filtration and drainage are critical for earth retaining structures including coastal retaining walls, bridge abutments, wing walls, and all types of sheet piles. The vast majority of retaining structure failures occur due to the build-up of excessive hydrostatic pressures caused by either a lack of adequate drainage or impermeability of the backfill materials.
    • Ports, harbors, and marinas experience extreme rising and falling water levels and intense storms that cause groundwater to build up behind the wall. Structures that don’t have an adequate drainage system experience increased hydrostatic pressure causing additional stress.
    • The JET Filter System helps prevent erosion and wall failure by facilitating drainage and reducing water pressure, while still preventing the loss of soil materials through the weep hole.
    • The filters are maintainable from the wall face with the ability to remove and clean the filter media cartridge when necessary to help ensure the life of the wall from movement and/or failure.
    • The JET Filter System consists of weep hole components available in 3 different diameters for open-end filters: 2 1/2”, 4”, and 6”.
    • The 4” filters can also come as a closed-end solution with backflow prevention. This is useful along coast lines that experience varying high tide levels and storm surges.
    • The flush-mount wick dewatering filter units can be permanently installed on the front side of any earth retaining structure for drainage including bridge abutment, wing wall, steel sheet piling, vinyl sheet piling, seawalls, MSE retaining walls, and flood control channels.


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