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Applegate Hydroseeding Mulches

WOOD-LOK™ 100 - 100% Wood Mulch

Wood-Lok 100 is packaged in 50 lb. bags and is a natural virgin wood fiber mulch for use in hydraulic planting. It is high quality 100% wood fiber hydroseeding mulch manufactured under constant production control checks. It is manufactured in size and texture for optimum performance through a fiberization process that involves high temperature, steam, dying, drying and packaging.

Wood-Lok 100 Hydromulch is manufactured from virgin, fresh cut, selected, clean pine and poplar wood chips and meets or exceeds specifications and standards typical for wood fiber hydromulch. When applied, Wood-Lok 100 fibers twist and lock with each other as they cure. This forms a protective mulch mat that aids in erosion control, holding the seeds in place, and providing an excellent environment for seed germination.

Wood-Lok 100 is designed to load quickly in hydroseeding equipment. The fibers are sized for maximum loading in the tank and will produce a homogeneous slurry with the water, seed, and fertilizer. Wood-Lok 100 will go into slurry suspension during the mixing process and will remain in suspension during the application process.

    • Made from selected fresh cut, clean, whole wood chips
    • Wood fibers stay in uniform suspension and blend with seed and fertilizer
    • High loading and enters into the slurry quickly
    • Forms a stable mulch mat that will hold the seed in place
    • Provides a favorable microclimate for seed germination
    • Helps establish grasses for erosion control, as well as fine turf
    • Green dye assists in even application
    • Wood-Lok 100 has no growth inhibiting factors
    • Wood fibers decompose after plants have established

WOOD-LOK™ BLEND 100 - Custom Blended Virgin Wood Fiber and Recycled Paper Mulch

Wood-Lok Blend 100 is produced from the highest quality virgin poplar and pine wood chips then blended with clean, 100% recycled paper products for use in hydroseeding and erosion control applications. The percentage of virgin wood fiber and clean recycled paper in each bag is determined by our customers as each order is made to the individual customer's requirements.

When Wood-Lok Blend 100 is applied, the fibers interlock forming a protective mulch mat. It aids in erosion control, holding seeds in place and providing an ideal environment for seed germination. Wood-Lok Blend 100 begins as clean whole pine and poplar wood chips from the forests of the Eastern United States. The wood fibers are separated in a special defibration process, using steam, pressure, and rubbing action. This process turns the wood chips into fibers. Safe biodegradable green dye is added and the fibers go through a special treatment to increase water holding capacity. The wood fibers then go through a high-temperature drying and baking process. Clean milled paper content is added and the finished mulch is bagged, weighed and subjected to a rigorous sampling and quality control testing before shipment. Wood-Lok Blend 100 is a superior product from the leader in recycled forest products.

    • Forms a stable mulch mat holding seeds in place
    • Recommended for use on flat to 5H:1V slopes
    • Biodegradeable and safe to use around humans, pets and wildlife
    • Vibrant green color allows for efficient and even application
    • Easy to pump / performs great on the ground
    • Loads quickly and easily into any mechanical paddle agitated hydroseeding machine
    • Made from selected, fresh cut pine and poplar whole wood chips (virgin wood) and 100% recycled paper
    • Our patented manufacturing process includes extreme heat, steam, pressure and mechanical defibration producing the finest sterile, toxin free mulch for seeding and erosion control
    • No growth inhibiting factors
    • Biodegradeable
    • Packaged in 50 lb. heavy plastic bags with UV inhibitor
    • Green dye is safe and aides in an even application of the products
    • Mixes quickly and easily in any mechanical paddle agitated hydroseeding machine
    • Safe for use around humans, pets, wildlife and fish

G-Tac™ - Organic Guar Tackifier

G-Tac is a premium cross-linked guar gum tackifier. It is a fast effective and inexpensive all natural soil stabilizer. It protects fiber mulch from wind and rain erosion by creating superb fiber to fiber and fiber to soil bonds. G-Tac is obtained from the seeds of Cyamopsis tetragonolobus, an annual leguminous plant native in the semi-arid region of the Indian Sub-Continent.

    • G-Tac is organic, non-toxic & environmentally friendly
    • Medium coarse ground powder aids in easy mixing
    • Aids in effectively tacking wood fiber, paper and straw mulch with soil
    • 100% biodegradable
    • Safe for the environment, humans, pets, wildlife and fish


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