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Milliken Concrete Cloth

Imagine being able to use concrete on slopes, in water, and in other hard to reach places - with no molds, no mixing, and minimal equipment. Concrete Cloth™ is flexible and will bend and curve, enabling it to follow the natural contours of the land, including ditches and slopes. Unlike regular concrete, Concrete Cloth™ can be installed in the rain, and other wet conditions, virtually eliminating rescheduling due to weather conditions. It comes in a variety of sizes, including man-portable rolls that two men can carry, reducing the need for heavy machinery.

The fabric structure also reinforces the concrete and reduces cracking, while using up to 95% less concrete than conventional methods. Concrete Cloth™ has a low alkaline reserve and a low wash rate for a low ecological impact. It meets many ASTM and other standards and is resistant to chemicals, weather, wear, and UV. The unique structure of Concrete Cloth™ facilitates ease of installation. Cement mix is trapped in a flexible 3D fabric, backed with a waterproof layer. The fabric can be hung vertically, laid in trenches, or cut and formed into shapes to create a durable layer of concrete, all without the need for molds or mixers. Wet the fabric to activate the cement, and within 24 hours, the product has cured to 80% strength.

Ditch Lining

Easy to roll, quick to install and flexible enough to conform to different curves and ditch profiles, Concrete Cloth™ can be a cost-effective alternative to conventional concrete. Concrete Cloth™ can be rapidly unrolled and hardens in 24 hours to form a waterproof concrete ditch. Use it in road, rail, agricultural and other ditch lining applications.

Erosion Control & Slope Protection

Concrete Cloth™ can be installed on vertical (or nearly vertical) surfaces, making it an ideal solution for erosion control, excavation, retaining walls, berm lining and other slope protection needs. Using Concrete Cloth™ is a quick way to apply a thin, uniform, protective concrete covering to a slope surface and can be applied in all weather conditions. Protection can be a permanent covering or a temporary measure.


Flexible, cut to size with standard tools and able to set underwater, Concrete Cloth™ can be used as a temporary or permanent solution to line any size or shape of ditch, trench, tank, reservoir or sump.


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