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Floc Pit System

The Floc Pit is a system that can be set up on nearly any site in less than an hour. The system consists of modular 6-foot sections with intake and outlet pipes and changeable filters that can be tailored to various turbid water conditions and flocculated particle sizes to facilitate efficient capture. With a connected dimension of 8 by 28 feet, the system allows enough residual time, in most applications, for flocculated particles to drop out of suspension for collection by the filters. Dewatering bags can be attached at the outlets for additional polishing and water disbursement. The Link Manifold pipe system, used in conjunction with the Floc Pit, make for a completely portable turbid water discharge treatment system that can be hauled in a utility trailer and utilized on jobsites with limited dispersion areas. The Floc Pit system is a portable, rentable option for particle collection.


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