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Soil Stabilization & Erosion Control

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  • NTU Testing of Turbid Water

Featured Products & Services

  • Link Manifold System

    The Link Manifold system facilitates the use of APS Floc logs in-line with standard dewatering pumping operations. The manifold is designed to eliminate the need for open dewatering ditches and allow for water treatment in-line. The system uses customized floc logs and incorporates a static mixing module connected between polymer ports to facilitate maximum efficiency of the dissolved polymers. The mixer generates turbulence and mixing required with polymers and helps to eliminate problems with laminar non-turbulent flows associated with pipe systems.

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  • JET Filter Maintainable Weep Hole System

    Earth retaining structures are failing daily in all parts of the world due to lack of proper erosion control. The JET FILTER prevents wall failure/movement by relieving water pressure and allowing drainage while saving time and money on extensive repairs.

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  • Flexamat Concrete Mat Systems

    There is a wide range of applications where Flexamat is utilized, but it is most commonly used for erosion control in channels, outlet protection, on slopes, and for shoreline protection. Flexamat consists of concrete blocks embedded into a high strength geogrid. There is spacing around each block that provides flexibility and allows for vegetation establishment.

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    Lamotte Turbidity Meters
  • StormTank Underground Stormwater Storage Systems

    Brentwood's StormTank Modules for Stormwater Storage are rugged and lightweight, offering up to the largest void space of any subsurface stormwater storage unit currently on the market. The modules are simple to assemble and install, easy to clean, and their stackable design allows them to manage large volumes of water. The StormTank system has been extensively tested and demonstrates strength that exceeds current industry standards. Aside from being strong and efficient, StormTank also protects the environment and increases developable space.

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    Lamotte Turbidity Meters
  • Milliken Concrete Cloth

    Imagine being able to use concrete on slopes, in water, and in other hard to reach places - with no molds, no mixing, and minimal equipment. Concrete Cloth™ is flexible and will bend and curve, enabling it to follow the natural contours of the land, including ditches and slopes. Unlike regular concrete, Concrete Cloth™ can be installed in the rain, and other wet conditions, virtually eliminating rescheduling due to weather conditions. It comes in a variety of sizes, including man-portable rolls that two men can carry, reducing the need for heavy machinery.

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Support & Technical Resources

Support & Technical Resources

We have a complete library of videos, CDs, literature, and DVDs to help with the design and understanding of application and installation procedures for all of the systems and products represented.

In addition, we have a full line catalog that holds up to date information on the products that we carry. We have also recently added a new set of tools for your use. Our application-specific solution guides provide product descriptions, installation cost estimates, as well as detailed drawings to help you with new or existing projects.

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