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Hach Portable Turbidimeter

2100Q Portable Turbidimeter

Measuring and monitoring turbidity is crucial for various industrial and municipal applications. The 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter provides unsurpassed ease of use and accuracy.

Ideal for use in the field, the portable 2100Q is easy to carry around and take multiple measurements from various collection points in your treatment process. With its intuitive user interface, the 2100Q makes it simple to take measurements and perform calibration and verification. Storing and transferring data from a portable turbidimeter has never been easier.

There is also an optional USB+Power module for the 2100Q portable turbidimeter, which allows you to transfer your data directly to your computer. The 2100Q portable turbidimeter is compliant with USEPA Method 180.1 design criteria.

    • Easy On-Screen Assisted Calibration and Verification - Save time and get accurate results with an easy-to-follow interface that eliminates the need for complicated manuals to perform routine calibrations. Single-standard RapidCal™ calibration offers a simplified solution for low level measurements, while ensuring you meet reporting requirements.
    • Simple Data Transfer - Data transfer with the optional USB+Power Module is simple, flexible, and doesn't require additional software. All data can be transferred to the module in XML format and easily downloaded to your computer with a USB connection, providing superior data integrity and availability.
    • Accurate for Rapidly Settling Samples - The innovative Rapidly Settling Turbidity™ mode provides accurate measurements for difficult to measure, rapidly settling samples. An exclusive algorithm that calculates turbidity based on a series of automatic readings eliminates redundant measurements and estimating.
    • Convenient Data Logging - Up to 500 measurements are automatically stored in the instrument for easy access and backup. Stored information includes: date and time, operator ID, reading mode, sample ID, sample number, units, calibration time, calibration status, error messages, and the result.
    • Optical System for Precision in the Field - The two-detector optical system compensates for color in the sample, light fluctuation, and stray light, enabling analysts to achieve laboratory-grade performance on a wide range of samples, even under difficult site conditions.


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