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Link Manifold System

The Link Manifold system facilitates the use of APS Floc logs in-line with standard dewatering pumping operations. The manifold is designed to eliminate the need for open dewatering ditches and allow for water treatment in-line. The system uses customized floc logs and incorporates a static mixing module connected between polymer ports to facilitate maximum efficiency of the dissolved polymers. The mixer generates turbulence and mixing required with polymers and helps to eliminate problems with laminar non-turbulent flows associated with pipe systems.

The Link Manifold can be used in a variety of applications. These applications include recirculation to clean turbid water within ponds and for direct discharge when using the appropriate filters to collect flocculated particles created through the manifold.

Generally, this system is set up in-line on the discharge side of the pump with lay flat hoses between manifolds. Basic set up consists of 50' of discharge line, with a manifold coupled in-line and 50' of hose between each manifold. Water turbidity levels, pumping rates and other jobsite variables will determine the number of manifolds and the amount of hose required. The appropriate system can be selected once water testing has been performed and floc log types and reaction times have been established.


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