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Presto Geosystems Perforated Geoweb®

Presto's perforated Geoweb® cellular confinement system features an engineered pattern of perforations in the cell wall. This hole pattern provides increased frictional interlock with coarse aggregates, crushed rock, and concrete. In vegetated systems, the perforations increase root lock-up, creating a more stable vegetated mass and overall healthier soil environment. The perforations allow lateral drainage through the system, thereby enhancing performance of the Geoweb® system in saturated soil conditions. The perforated Geoweb® system enhances system performance in slope and channel protection, earth retention, and load support applications.

The Geoweb® slope protection system provides a structurally stable topsoil environment for vegetation through a network of interconnected cells. The system confines and reinforces the vegetated upper soil layer, increasing its resistance to erosive and sliding forces. Geoweb is ideal for the following applications, such as embankment slopes, containment dikes and levees, abutment protection, landfill lining and covers, dam faces and spillways, shoreline revetments, cut slopes, and detention ponds and lagoons.

Cellular confinement with the Geoweb® channel protection system provides flexible, durable protection within defined roughness and stability. Single or multi-layer protection systems are configured to meet a wide range of structural and hydraulic requirements.


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