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Presto GeoPave

Presto Geosystems’ GeoPave™ porous pavement system provides vehicular and pedestrian load support over a permeable aggregate or grassed surface while promoting natural stormwater infiltration and, if vegetated, protection to grass from the harmful effects of traffic. The major components of the complete system are the GeoPave™ unit, the porous aggregate base, if required, and the porous aggregate or an aggregate/topsoil engineered infill and selected vegetation (where applicable).

GeoPave™ creates a structural framework to stabilize open-graded aggregate or an aggregate/topsoil engineered infill (for vegetated surfaces). It also increases bearing strength and provides load support structure for vehicular or pedestrian traffic loading requirements using porous aggregate or structural infill material. When vegetated, Presto Geosystems’ GeoPave™ protects grass from harmful effects of occasional traffic.


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