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Presto GeoRunner®

GeoRunner® surface protection mats reduce soil compaction and turf damage caused by concentrated light-to-medium loads from vehicles and foot traffic. While excellent for temporary use, the mats can also be used for permanent, lightweight applications.

Benefits include reducing mud tracking from construction site entrances, bridging over sandy areas for lightweight access vehicles, wheel chairs or foot traffic. The mat's open mesh design allows sunlight and water to permeate, maintaining healthy turf. The mats are lightweight, easily transported between jobs and only require minimal storage space. They are easily cleaned for multiple uses and do not absorb water and soil like plywood.

    • Construction vehicle and equipment access over grass
    • Lightweight trail-hardening system over sand or soils
    • Barrier-free access across sandy areas and around playground equipment
    • Deck/patio protection from construction site debris
    • Storage surface for small trailers and boats
    • Garage/basement floor liner


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