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North American Green Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mattings

Composite Turf Reinforcement Mats (C-TRMs)

North American Green’s composite turf reinforcement mats (C-TRMs) provide long-term erosion protection and vegetation establishment assistance, while permanently reinforcing vegetation.

All North American Green permanent protection products including the Vmax³ Composite Reinforcement Series enable vegetation to be used in areas where the forces exerted by water and/or wind exceed the shear limits of unreinforced vegetation.

Permanent TRMs consist of either 100% synthetic components or of a composite of synthetic and natural materials. These products have been tested and proven to dramatically increase the permissible shear stress of many types of vegetation, up to 14 pounds per square foot erosion protection equivalent to that of 30-inch rock riprap and concrete. North American Green TRMs are installed directly over the seedbed in a one-step operation.

VMax3 Composite Reinforcement Series

The VMax3 Composite Reinforcement Series of turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) combine permanent, three-dimensional matting with fiber matrix material to permanently control erosion and reinforce vegetation. The VMax3 series offers numerous advantages over conventional TRMs, and has been proven more effective than rock riprap and concrete in applications that include severe slopes, high and extreme flow channels, spillways, streambanks, and shorelines.

P300LW Permanent Erosion Control Blanket (ECB)

P300LW Permanent Erosion Control Blanket features a 100% UV-stabilized, propylene-fiber matrix stitched between two UV-stabilized nettings, and delivers excellent performance in applications, such as severe slopes and roadside ditch protection. P300LW has also proven highly-effective for permanent turf reinforcement and temporary protection in areas where sparse vegetation is anticipated.

P300LW provides vegetated shear stress protection up to six pounds per square foot. Since unreinforced vegetation often fails at shear stress levels beyond two pounds per square foot, P300 can provide a "green solution" in a variety of difficult applications, including steep slopes, high-flow channels, and pond shorelines.

Under the FDOT approved product list (APL), P300LW meets both type E-3 and E-4 requirements for plastic erosion control materials.

TMax Permanent High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat (HPTRM)

The TMax high-performance turf reinforcement mat (HP-TRM) features 100% UV-stabilized, high denier polypropylene monofilament yarns woven into permanent, high-strength, three-dimensional turf reinforcement matting. This green mat is composed of polypropylene yarns woven into a uniform configuration of resilient, pyramid-like projections. The TMax provides sufficient thickness, optimum open area, and three-dimensionality for effective erosion control and vegetation reinforcement against high flow induced shear forces. The mat has high tensile strength for excellent damage resistance and for increasing the bearing capacity of vegetated soils subject to heavy loads from maintenance equipment and other vehicular traffic. The material has very high interlock and reinforcement capacities with both soil and root systems, and is designed for erosion control applications on steep slopes and vegetated waterways.

Earth Anchors

Manufactured exclusively for Tensar's North American Green® product line, the earth anchors reach deep into the soil strata to offer enhanced anchoring in the worst conditions. When combined with turf/earth reinforcement mats (TERM), they can offer a system that controls erosion and reinforces vegetation in the most extreme situations.

The corrosion resistant earth anchors increase the mechanical strength of the layer both during installation and use. The earth anchors are connected to a stainless steel or galvanized tendon that extends to the surface and is secured with a plate that anchors the TRM. The surface plate exerts a load on the anchor that compresses the soil above the anchor and provides resistance to further anchor movement.


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