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The GEOTERRA™ structural mat system is ideal as a ground-surface reinforcement layer to support loads over soft subgrades or for creating reinforced pavements in less-than-ideal environments. More cost-efficient than other reinforcement mat systems, the GEOTERRA™ system can be utilized for either temporary or permanent applications. Individual GEOTERRA™ units are locked together to form a network of interconnected structural mats suitable for supporting a wide variety of vehicle and equipment loads over access roads, platforms, helipads and other areas. With high crush strength, the GEOTERRA™ system has demonstrated the ability to handle the forces from some of the heaviest wheeled and tracked vehicle loads.

The system includes the GEOTERRA™ units and PadLoc® connecting device. Depending on the design requirements, the system may also include nonwoven and high-strength geotextile layers, impermeable geomembrane layer, stakes/earth anchors, and GEOTERRA™ permeable drainage system.

The GEOTERRA™ system provides benefits in a wide range of environments (system components may include geosynthetic layers and/or a drainage system). The mat system can prevent rutting of soils and protect turf, provide load support over poor/wet soil, as well as prevent subbase degredation/contamination. Other system attributes include the ability to allow access over sand, create uniform/stable surface, and allow integrated, drainable surface. With a high crush strength, the GEOTERRA™ structure is designed to support heavy vehicle loads over soft subgrades, as well as over areas where structural infill materials are unavailable or cost-prohibitive. The versatile GEOTERRA™ system can be used with varying site-specific subgrade conditions and loading requirements. Flexible design options allow the complete system to accommodate the most-challenging site conditions. System components may include separation, filtering, drainage and other components.

The versatile mat system allows for customizing the construction layout configuration to specific site needs with little to no waste. GEOTERRA™ units can be pre-assembled into partial mats for transportation and installation efficiency. Significantly lighter weight than other systems, the GEOTERRA™ mat system is easily transported to even difficult-access sites and may be handled without special unloading equipment. The system can be disassembled, removed and reused at other locations.

The GEOTERRA™ mat system may be removed from sites, allowing total reclamation of an area after use. Depending on application and use, the mat system may be reused multiple times, conserving use of raw materials and eliminating waste. In remote forest areas, utilizing the GEOTERRA™ mat system instead of traditional timber-based systems and methods preserves hundreds of acres of forest.

With open top and bottom cells, the GEOTERRA™ structure’s permeable wearing surface allows rain water to infiltrate the system. When an underlying drainage layer is part of the system, rainwater is captured and managed below surface, minimizing the accumulation of water and resulting saturated soils below the loading surface

Two Styles Available

    • Robust mats made from a unique high strength polymer blend.
    • Mat sections are bolted together. Use of a drill driver secures bolts FAST.
    • Yellow bolt delineators are available for edge or centerline marking.
    • Individual mat size: 3.04 ft. x 1.46 ft x 2.0 in deep (.93 m x .44 m x 50 mm)
    • Strong mats made from Recycled polyethylene.
    • Mat sections are "locked" together with Padloc® connection devices. Great for transporting preassembled mats into sites.
    • Individual mat size: 3.15 ft x 1.57 ft x 2.0 in deep (.96 m x .48 m x 50 mm)


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