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Maccaferri Green Terramesh Systems

Green Terramesh® is used in Reinforced Soil Slope (RSS) for roads, industrial and residential areas. It is a versatile modular system designed to produce a steeply sloping vegetated face.

A single length of double twist mesh forms the base and upper reinforcing panels and the facing unit. A biodegradable or synthetic blanket is installed immediately behind the sloping faces of the unit to control erosion and to promote rapid vegetation establishment. A wedge of topsoil is placed behind and in contact with the blanket to provide a moisture and nutrient reservoir, essential for successful vegetation.

No external support or shuttering is required when installing Green Terramesh®, increasing considerably the speed of the installation. A steel reinforcement mesh is factory assembled to provide rigidity to the faces. The steepest slope we recommend is 70° from the horizontal, as it is difficult to successfully establish vegetation beyond this angle.

Soil bioengineering techniques like live staking and brush layering can be used to create a more natural look to the structure.


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