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  • Tencate Mirafi G-series Drainage Composites
  • Tencate Mirafi G-series Drainage Composites2
  • Tencate Mirafi G-series Drainage Composites3

TenCate Mirafi® G-Series Drainage Composites

Mirafi® G-Series drainage composites are made from high compressive strength cores and combined with nonwoven filter fabrics to provide clog resistance and long-term flow capacity. These products are ideal single-sided subsurface filters and are used to provide a consistent drainage medium for retaining walls, cut-off drains, and landfill closures.

    • subsurface drainage
    • long-term and consistent performance
    • hydrostatic pressure buildup relief
    • high-flow drainage capacity
    • highly compressive strength core
    • cost-effective
    • lightweight
    • easy installation
    • filtration
    • separation
    • erosion protection


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