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TenCate Miragrid® XT

Miragrid® XT uniaxial geogrids are high performance woven polyester and polymer-coated geogrids used for soil reinforcement. Miragrid® XT is also used in mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) applications including internally reinforced walls, segmental retaining walls (SRW's), and steepened slopes. Miragrid® XT uniaxial geogrids provide high, long-term design strengths (LTDS) and excellent soil interaction. Constructed of high tenacity, high molecular weight, woven polyester, Miragrid® XT uniaxial geogrids deliver long-term performance.

    • steepened slopes: vegetated and wrapped faced
    • walls: permanent and temporary
    • segmented retaining walls
    • void spanning
    • veneer reinforcement
    • soil reinforcement
    • landfills
    • flexible and durable
    • excellent creep resistance
    • high long-term design strengths
    • lightweight and easily handled
    • cost-effective
    • custom fabricated


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