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Sand, Sand-Cement & Rock Bags

We offer a wide variety of sand, rock or sand-cement bags. The different types of bags offer an excellent choice for construction of levees, berms, temporary dams, dikes and barricades for erosion control. Choose from our different styles to best meet your needs.

Due to increasing demand, filled sand and rock bags are now available in addition to the unfilled bags we currently have. If you have a situation where you need them right away and don't have the time or manpower to fill them yourself, we have filled sand and rock bags in stock.

Sand Bags (Woven Polypropylene)

These “circular woven” white polypropylene sand bags come complete with heavy poly-twine ties and have 1600 hour ultra violet stability. Each 14" X 26" bag weighs approximately 40 pounds when filled.

Burlap Sand Bags

Heavy burlap sand bags are great for flood control barriers, military uses, and for rip-rap applications. Each bag is 27” X 17” with a tie-string that pulls the top closed.

Sand-Cement Rip-Rap Bags

These bags are ready to install with the sand-cement mixture already pre-mixed. Moisture penetrates through perforations to harden the mixture after the bags have been placed.

Green and Orange Sand Bags

These green and orange 850 denier polypropylene sand bags are constructed with a 10 X 10 weave per square inch. They are heat top cut and offer 1600 hour UV protection.

Custom Rock Bags

Our custom made rock bags can be fabricated in different sizes using a variety of available high-flow rate geotextiles. They can be ordered with or without draw strings and are offered in various colors.


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