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  • Presto Geosystems Geoweb for Load Support
  • Presto Geosystems Geoweb for Load Support
  • Presto Geosystems Geoweb for Load Support 3

Presto Geosystems Geoweb for Load Support

Presto's perforated Geoweb® cellular confinement system features an engineered pattern of perforations in the cell wall. This hole pattern provides increased frictional interlock with coarse aggregates, crushed rock and concrete. The perforations allow lateral drainage through the system, thereby enhancing performance of the Geoweb® system in saturated soil conditions. The perforated Geoweb® system enhances system performance in slope and channel protection, earth retention and load support applications.

The Geoweb® load support system prevents shear failure and lateral movement of aggregate materials through confinement. The system stabilizes the infill, providing a load distribution system over weak soils, base stabilization for paved surfaces and surface stabilization for unpaved surfaces. Geoweb is ideal for applications, such as granular access roads, porous pavements, pavement subbases, parking lots, intermodal and storage yards, retaining wall spread footings, low water crossings, and boat ramps.


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