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  • TenCate Mirafi Geotextiles FW-Series
  • TenCate Mirafi Geotextiles FW-Series
  • TenCate Mirafi Geotextiles FW-Series

TenCate Mirafi Geotextiles FW-Series

FW Woven Monofilament Polypropylene Geotextiles

Mirafi® FW-Series geotextiles are made of highly UV-stabilized monofilament and multifilament yarns that possess unique physical and hydraulic properties not found in other woven or nonwoven geotextiles. With highly durable strengths, consistent pore sizes, high flow rates, and clog resistance, this product is perfect for shoreline and other erosion control applications.

Mirafi® FW-Series geotextiles are used underneath riprap or concrete revetment systems along inland waterways and coastal shorelines to protect spillways and cut-off drains.

Mirafi® FW woven monofilament polypropylene geotextiles function for filtration, separation, and erosion protection. Mirafi® FW-Series are highly UV-stabilized, with high strengths for durability and survivability, consistent, measurable pore sizes, long-term clogging resistance, high flow rates, superior soil confinement, cross roll direction strength when panels are sewn together.


    • revetments
    • land reclamation
    • landfill drainage and filtration
    • subsurface drainage
    • water containment
    • water protection


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