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Brentwood StormTank™

Underground Stormwater Storage Systems

Brentwood's StormTank Modules for Stormwater Storage are rugged and lightweight, offering up to the largest void space of any subsurface stormwater storage unit currently on the market. The modules are simple to assemble and install, easy to clean, and their stackable design allows them to manage large volumes of water. The StormTank system has been extensively tested and demonstrates strength that exceeds current industry standards. Aside from being strong and efficient, StormTank also protects the environment and increases developable space.

    • Rated for utilization under most surface covers including impervious and vegetated areas
    • Designed to exceed HS-25 Load Rating
    • Modules can be built on site in less than 2 minutes with no special equipment, tools, or bonding agents
    • Stackability and variable column heights accommodate tight site constraints
    • Open module design includes no internal walls or partitions, allowing for easy inspection and cleaning
    • Available in 18-, 24-, 30-, 33-, and 36-inch heights


Detention-Typically installed with an impermeable liner to prevent infiltration, these basins are designed to provide large volume storage while restricting the discharge rate.

Infiltration-Designed to allow for water percolation into the surrounding soils, these basins recharge groundwater aquifers by relying on the porosity of the native soil.

Rainwater Harvesting-These basins utilize an impermeable liner to detain runoff and a pump to circulate the stored runoff, thereby reducing demand on the potable water supply and improving sustainability.

Flood Mitigation-By providing the necessary storage to allow for utilization of previously inaccessible land, these basins compensate for areas that lack or require additional capacity.

Bioretention-Designed to promote water quality, these basins provide a small amount of above-ground storage, a permeable layer of amended soil, and a subsurface system for additional storage or infiltration.


Inlet/Outlet Connections-Stormwater runoff must be able to move readily in and out of the StormTank system. To provide an easy connection to your drainage system, Brentwood manufactures two influent/effluent port sizes: a 12-inch (305 mm) port and a 14-inch (356 mm) port.

Observation Ports-Brentwood offers three observation port sizes to complement the open design by providing access and ventilation. The ports are constructed of PVC and are available in 6-inch (152 mm), 8-inch (203 mm), and 10-inch (254 mm) diameters. The 10-inch port allows for access with a vacuum truck hose to facilitate debris removal.

Observation and Saddle Port Kits-In an effort to simplify the installation process, Brentwood offers kits that include the necessary port, flexible coupling or tap saddle, and surface box, with the contractor only responsible for the riser pipe.


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