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Aqua-Barrier® Water-Inflated Dams

Aqua-Barrier® is a water-filled dam that provides multi-purpose solution to your temporary dam requirements, such as boat ramp installations, bridge construction, shoreline stabilization, pipeline installation & repair, and culvert installation & repair. Extensive engineering went into the design of Aqua-Barriers® culminating in the exclusive patented inner baffle system, resulting to a water control system that is safe, stable and effective. The barriers meet or exceed even the most stringent environmental agency's water quality restrictions. Unlike conventional cofferdam methods, the environmental impact is greatly reduced. The system uses the existing water for inflation and the barriers are completely removed upon project completion.

Aqua-Barrier® offers unique accessories to facilitate infield use. The barriers are equipped with 4-inch ID, industrial grade threaded fill ports. Fill ports are installed in pairs near each end of the barrier. Pipeloops are fabricated on each of the barrier to facilitate precise placement and rapid removal. Inserting a pipe through the loops allows you to maneuver the barriers with an elevated, heavy equipment arm. There are 8-inch drain ports on each end of the barrier. Additional drain ports are also located along both sides of the unit; the number and position vary depending upon barrier length. The Aqua-Barriers® are produced from a flexible vinyl membrane and come in multiple sizes to meet all dewatering needs.


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